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Be conversion ready with a 360° website diagnostics audit

If you want a website that gets traffic and converts customers, that runs like a well-oiled engine - you need to get four things right:

Data fuel gauges

Website Data Analysis

Know your customers with data driven insights

A professional audit of your website analytics data could take your understanding of your customers to a whole new level and offer revealing insights into the habits, wants and needs of your website visitors. Tap the full potential that sits within your current website data.

User Journey Paths

How users browse your website

Discover the key journeys that users are taking on your website. See if users are following the path you intended them take.

Web Page Analysis

Individual Web Page Performance Review

Find out the true value of each individual page on your website. Discover which pages are fulfilling their intended purpose and which web pages need more work.

Traffic Analysis

Who is Visiting Your Website?

Discover where your web traffic is coming from and the true performance value of each source. Find out what is driving the most successful traffic (this will help you save on your overall spend by taking the guesswork out of your marketing).

Bundled into a supercharged report

Get strategic recommendations based directly from your data driven insights.

Example Intent Journey Slides

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Braden's data-driven approach with our analytics and website heat mapping has made a significant improvement to our website user experience
Scott Rice
Owner, Founder of the New Zealand Ocean Swim Series Quantum Events