Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager Configuration Audit Australia and New New Zealand

Be conversion ready with a 360° website diagnostics audit

If you want a website that gets traffic and converts customers, that runs like a well-oiled engine - you need to get four things right:

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Tracking and Measurement Audit

Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager Setup

Professional review of your Google Analytics account. Get a comprehensive overview of your current setup and uncover opportunities that can give your business an edge over your competitors.

Conversion Goal Analysis

Accurately Track Your Website Success Goals

Do your website results leave you scratching your head? Discover the state of your current Google Analytics Goals. Get a clear understanding of your current conversion setup. Find out if you are leveraging the full value from your Conversions Goals.

Google Analytics Review

Are your Tracking Settings Configured Correctly?

The setup of your Google Analytics account can be the difference between winning and losing. That’s why it’s important to have an experienced practitioner review the nuts and bolts of your Google Analytics account. Ensure your current settings are future-proofed and confirm if your data sets are accurate.

Google Tag Manager Audit

Are you leveraging the power of Google Tag Manager?

An expert review of your GTM account and Google Analytics integration may mean greater speed, safety and flexibility in your analytics setup.

Bundled into a Supercharged Report

Receive a full breakdown of optimisation and actions ready to be implemented.

Example Intent Journey Slides

Get a comprehensive Google Analytics audit

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Braden's data-driven approach with our analytics and website heat mapping has made a significant improvement to our website user experience
Scott Rice
Owner, Founder of the New Zealand Ocean Swim Series Quantum Events