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Be conversion ready with a 360° website diagnostics audit

If you want a website that gets traffic and converts customers, that runs like a well-oiled engine - you need to get four things right:

Website Heat Mapping

Visual Data of Where Users are Clicking on Your Website

Find out what your customers like, and what they don’t. If it clicks for them or doesn’t -- the insights are all in the data. Unveil the hot and cold spots on your web pages. Weed out what isn’t working and add more of what is.

Information Hierarchy

Optimise Page Content & Layout for Better Engagement

To get attention is one thing, to keep it is another. Your content is king. Informed recommendations can help optimise your web page content layout and enhance the success of each and every single page on your website.

User Journey Optimisation

What pages really matter to your users?

When somebody arrives at your website, do you know where they’ll go next or is it anybody’s guess? Take the guesswork out of your user journey optimisation. Identify the most common roads they take and discover common pitfalls that are hurting users on your site. Get recommendations to improve the user experience and ramp up your conversion rate.

User Testing

Improve your website experience with real user feedback

Does a list of tangible steps you can take to significantly improve your online success rate appeal to you? When you leverage the invaluable insights gleaned from a qualitative data analysis, you’ll come away with a list of steps that will take your website to the next level.

Expert user testing process:

  • Build a hypothesis from user analytics data
  • Qualify our hypothesis through user interviews
  • Test hypothesis using real video recordings of user sessions
  • Comprehensive analysis using lab testing sessions
  • Collate learnings and insights
  • Provide robust recommendations

Bundled into a Supercharged Report

Receive a full breakdown of UX optimisations and actions ready to be implemented

Example Intent Journey Slides

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Braden's data-driven approach with our analytics and website heat mapping has made a significant improvement to our website user experience
Scott Rice
Owner, Founder of the New Zealand Ocean Swim Series Quantum Events